Team Policies

Guidelines For Participation:
We as coaches encourage a positive atmosphere among our team members and hope that parents support their athletes and other team members in the same positive manner. We have put together the following guidelines for the Monarch Cross Country Team. With the number of athletes who participate in Cross Country, we recognize that there are different motivating factors for athletes’ participation. With this in mind we have decided to accommodate both the serious runners and the semi-serious social runners on our team by creating two teams within the framework of the entire team. This allows coaches to streamline our workouts for both groups of runners. We feel that this will provide a better team-centered approach to both our workouts and races. All athletes are allowed to participate in each meet, with the exception of the state meet, regional meet and NXNSW, as long as they have followed the guidelines set forth.

Gold Team Requirements:
To be a member of the Gold Team a participant is required to dedicate themselves to the sport, not only for their own benefit but also for the benefit of their teammates. To run Varsity, it is required that a participant be a member of the Gold Team, but being a member of the Gold Team does not ensure participation on Varsity, though it does require the commitment to yourself and the team. Gold Team members will be given individual target times for all up-tempo workouts. Gold Team members are expected to be at all practices, including Saturdays! A Gold Team member may have 4 unexcused practices during the season and will lose their place on the Gold Team for the remainder of the season once the 4 unexcused absences have been exceeded. A Gold Team member may not miss more than 1 practice during the week (excused or unexcused) to participate in that week’s meet. Injured members are still required to come to practice to assist coaches as needed.

Black Team Requirements:
To be a member of the Black Team a participant must have the willingness to participate with the team, but may have more flexibility with regard to practice. Participants are required to be at practices, but may have up to 8 unexcused practices before being removed from the team. A Black Team member may not run on Varsity unless they have met the requirements of the Gold Team for the entire season. Black team members will run the same or similar workouts as Gold Team members, with target times for up-tempo workouts. A Black Team member may not miss more that 2 practices during the week (excused or unexcused) to participate in that week’s meet.

The following are examples of excused absences:
• Doctors appointment for physical injury or sickness (Doctors note required, please schedule all other appts outside of practice times)
• Family Emergency.
• School Tests (SAT/ACT) or make up test from a school class (Note is required from the teacher).
• Senior College visits (limited to missing 4 practices during the season for visits after which they are unexcused). Please try and schedule school visits before or after the season.
The following are examples of unexcused absences:
• Outside jobs (athletes are responsible for arranging their schedule around practice times)
• Practice/Games for other sports.
• Family Vacation, camping, mountain climbing
• Babysitting.
• Chess Club or other school clubs.

Please note that for all absences, excused and unexcused, athletes can contact coaches to arrange make-up workouts at another time, but on the same day as the absence.

All participants are required to follow CHSAA Sportsmanship Protocol at all meets and during all practices. Use of foul language, threats against team members or competitors, and unsportsmanlike conduct are all prohibited on the Monarch CC team. Team members are expected to be courteous to coaches, parents and other team members at all times. Because we do many of our workouts on trails throughout the county, it is also required that team members are courteous to other persons using the trails (don’t block trails or run in packs that block trails).

All athletes should make sure to have the appropriate clothing and equipment for all practices. This includes shorts, watches, t-shirts, running shoes, water bottles, and cold weather clothing such as sweatshirts, sweatpants, waterproof shells, gloves and hats.

Transportation is organized by parents and parents are responsible for knowing who their athlete is riding with to and from the trails we run throughout Boulder.

All participants are required to sign a Uniform Contract before a team uniform will be issued. Return of the uniforms in good condition (clean and folded in a bag with participant’s name) is required. Missing items will be fined through the school at the following fees: Warm-up Jacket 75.00, Warm-up Pants $45.00, Jersey $75.00, Warm-ups and uniforms are to be worn at meets only. Spirit Pack purchases are not required by any participants, but are available for order.

Varsity Selection:
Varsity athletes are selected from the previous race top 7 finishers as long as all athletes have met the Gold Team requirements. Regional and State participants will be selected by the coaches taking in to account the entire season’s performances.

To earn a varsity letter, a runner must be in the top 12 finishers at least 3
times during the season.